Mystery Heart Jewelry™ - A Special Collection of "Unquestionable Love®"


Mystery Heart Jewelry™ was created to combine the most beautiful and elegant of materials into stunning pieces of jewelry with the concept of promoting and sustaining love in the world. Our unique innovation is the Mystery Heart Locket, a special necklace designed to be a question mark that unfolds into a heart complete with gemstone accent and an engraved message kept close to the heart. This message placed within the heart shows a ceaseless love to the one wearing it. Jewelry can be elegant and beautiful, but also remind you of love and warmth. Those wearing the pendant will be reminded of love and caring. The necklace is beautiful, but even more importantly it is meaningful.

Mystery Heart Jewelry™ is focused on two main elements. The message of love is a large part of who we are, and our focus remains on reminding and promoting love in the world. The message of our work is to promote love through elegant and beautiful designs. The other main element is the way in which our designs are made manifest. Our products are made using only the highest quality of materials, ensuring their beauty. A variety of precious metals are available such as .925 Sterling Silver for a clean and glowing necklace. 14k gold in both white or yellow is also used for a classy and complimentary option. Other precious metals are used as well, giving customizable options for you and your loved ones. We also use gemstones to accent our work, each carrying a subtle touch of color and meaning.

  • ·         Diamonds imply love that is enduring and endless
  • ·         Rubies offer passion with the deep red hue.
  • ·         Emeralds offer a green touch of happiness.
  • ·         Moonstones show the unification of parted hearts
  • ·         Sapphires have a gentle blue tint offering prosperity
  • ·         Rose Quartz with a soft pink touch represent all types of love

With such a diverse set of choices, your creation will be unique and have special meaning to both you and the one you give it to. A deeply personal creation of both beauty and love in an elegant symbol! This unique gift is perfect for anyone in your life, including a spouse, a partner that has been gone for some time, a dear friend, or anybody that you wish to show love toward.

Sleek and fashionable, this pendant is a perfect accent to their outfit while reminding them of how much you love them.