January - Garnet is usually a deep red-brown though it can come in a huge array of colors. It is considered a mystical gem that protects travelers and protects the wearer from nightmares.

  February - Amethyst is a beautiful purple stone worn by royalty for generations. The Romans and Greeks believed the stone would give the wearing a clear head and sharp wit.

 March - Aquamarine is a beautiful light blue; the color of the sky and the sea. This stone represents hope, healing and eternal life. It is believed to create peace in a marriage. The colors can vary in shades of blue and even a bit of a blue-green.

  April - Diamonds have always been and still are very much desired. Considered to be the most valuable of stones, the diamond is mined from deep in the earth. Myth tells us that a diamond is created when the Gods strike the earth with lightning. Today the diamond is the symbol of eternal love and it adorns the jewelry of both men and women.
  May - Emerald The bright green emerald is the color of spring and symbolizes rebirth. It symbolizes life. Cleopatra was well known for wearing the beautiful emerald. Cleopatra believed the emerald would keep her young and beautiful.

  June - -Alexandrite The Alexandrite has always been considered a mystical stone. The stone changes colors in different lights. From blues to greens and even raspberry the Alexandrite seems to come alive. June is known to be the month in which most people get married and the June Alexandrite like a marriage is ever-changing.
  July - Ruby The rich red stone of July is the stone of emotion. It represents passion and fire and extreme love. The stone can be various shades of red, but bright red is the most common ruby. The ruby has always been a highly desired stone. 

 August - Peridot is a lime green or a yellow-green and is said to be the magic stone of Mother Nature. The stone heals and protects and reenergizes the wearer. It is said to protect the wearer both day and night. Those who wear the birthstone Peridot will have power and influence over others.
   September - Sapphire is rich and vibrant blue. It represents loyalty, honesty and faithfulness. The Sapphire is a highly desired stone and is listed as one of the most valuable stones in the world. Though sapphire can be many colors the bright violet blue is the most popular and desired.

  October - Tourmaline is a mixed color mostly green with a hint of yellow. Though it can come in a rainbow of colors; the wearer will see the stone as different colors depending on lighting and the colors it is worn against. The stone will usually be a tri-color and because of the shades of availability, the wearer is sure to find her favorite.

 November - Citrine is the French word for lemon and that fits this gem well. The citrine is a light lemon yellow. It is said to protect the wearer from having evil thoughts and it will protect her from snakes, The sunny yellow stone is beautiful in white or yellow gold.

 December - Blue Topaz is a lovely baby blue. Topaz comes in many colors but it is the light blue topaz that stands for December birthdays. Blue topaz is the rarest of topaz and it is said to keep someone under your spell, present her with a blue topaz.