Necklace for Women the Petite Unquestionable Love Pendant Unfold True Love®

Gemstone or Birthstone name and color (e.g. Sapphire / dark Blue)

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Love is a complicated emotion, filled with highs and lows. Often, Questions arise and can seem daunting. Through those Questions we learn more about ourselves and those we love, blossoming into a fuller and more accepting understanding of your partner. The Petite Unquestionable Love® Necklace exemplifies that beautifully in a small Necklace shaped like a Question Mark. Pendant Necklace. The smooth and flowing shape ends in a Gemstone, offering an eye-catching and beautiful mark. Two discreet hinges allow the mark to open up, however, to become a Heart Necklace just as Questions allow us to learn more of our beloved. Inside is a promise that you will always be loved. Just as in our most fond dreams, love is inside and only waits for us to discover it.


The Petite Unquestionable Love® Pendant is only ¾” wide by 1 ½” tall when left as a Question Mark. Unfold True Love™, it becomes 1 ½” both tall and wide. A small and whimsical note of Love and the Questions we must go through to appreciate it, this Pendant is both unassuming and heartwarming. As a truly unique design, it also can be customized with a variety of precious metals and Gemstones to make sure it means something to you specifically. Use a Birthstone for her, or perhaps somebody that matters to her. Use a metal that will accent her sense of style or her skin tone.