Stylish "Unquestionable Love®" Necklace, Jewelry For Women Unfold True Love®

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Stylish "Unquestionable Love®" Necklace, Jewelry For Women

As one of the most unique and elegant designs for love in years, Stylish "Unquestionable Love®" Necklace represents both elegance and emotion. Love is an endless and unique experience every time, and a Pendant to reflect that should be just as unique. This Necklace for women, designed by Steve Belleville, appears to be a smooth Question Mark Pendant Necklace, with a gemstone accent at the base. Two discreet hinges allow this Question Mark Pendant to be opened to show a full Heart Necklace with a message inside. Elegant in its craftsmanship, heartwarming in design, this Pendant shows how love is Unquestionable Love®. This pendant represents those that love you in a Stylish and subtle way that is sure to accent any outfit from formal and sleek to everyday wear.


The Stylish Unquestionable Love® pendant is 1” wide by 1 7/8” tall when closed as a Question Mark Pendant Necklace. Unfold True Love®, it becomes a Heart Pendant measuring 1 7/8” both tall and wide. Available in a variety of precious metals and with multiple choices for gemstone, this Pendant can be made to be meaningful to you specifically. Acting similarly to a locket, it contains a hidden message inside the Question Mark visible only when unfolded into the Heart. Your style can be accented with hints of warmth through the use of poignant choices of metal and gemstone to both draw attention and to stand out among others.